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Fj20, If you bend the spindle for more king pin angle wont you then have to build. mraitch wrote You lost me at Hello - G. The car naturally wants to stay at the top of the arc where the weight of the car isnt being lifted. The all-new 16-valve DOHC FJ20 engine debuted in late 1981, and was the first. without as many luxury extras included (quoted curb weight was only 1,130 kg. ECCS (Electronically Concentrated Control System) engine management,

The springs and dampers were much stiffer, with a 10 mm reduction in ride height. The interior was stripped down to reduce weight. RS-X was equipped with the FJ20ET which is the Grandfather of the SR Series engine. Phil 67.5 SPL311 FJ20E teal blue SDS EFI 69 SRL311 FJ20ET Yellow SDS EFI. The weight of it really surprised me. Drive it like you stole it!

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FJ20ET into an S13. considering the 50lb difference and better weight balance of the CA. DET motors are really hard to gauge since they either arent tuned right, use different engine management, use different turbos, SRL311 FJ20ET Yellow SDS EFI. With modern materials, you should be able to lose 700 gms or more per cylinder on the. Light weight rotating assembly is a must for sure, but you must balance strength with weight. true that the cat converter is typically 40-60 of the total system pressure loss. The lighter weight approach here is to get say an R33 GTS25T and. Slammed CarsJdm CarsWeight LossCars And TrucksCar PhotographyImport. nissan nissanskyline skyline dr30 dr30skyline r30skyline fj20et. This motor has the same power-to-weight ratio as an internal combustion engine, If you are right on the limits of traction anyway - or losing traction is a BIG drama like it is on a. FJ20ET pwns SR20DET in my opinion. as for the whole weight issue with the rb25, the only thing is that you would have on hell of a heavy front and a loss ass behind you. but oh well, go sr if your. It came to me, 240z(light weight) RB26DETT( bullet-proof-high-horsepower. about making 863 hp at the crank with an estimated 15 drive train loss?. into my dads 73 - the same was done to the FJ20 thats in his 510. The Nissan Frontier, which is also known as the Navara in other parts of the world such as Australia, is a model of pickup truck assembled by Nissan and sold.That era was early in the days of production engine management systems. The ViPecs have the ability to use two load sensing options and one that is. This evening I was looking at an old Nissan FJ20 throttlebody and I.Engine, Nissan FJ20ET. Max Power, 187 BHP. Weight, 1,175 kilograms (2,590 lb). Seven Quotes from Game Of Thrones to Help Us Mourn That Huge Loss.

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Losing the jack shaft would be good, need to go dry sump or external pump, but you will be remaking the. Rotating weight reduction and reduced shearing action would be a plus. 69 SRL311 FJ20ET Yellow SDS EFI. Top. It had already had the RHD conversion done, FJ20 turbo motor installed. cheers mate, weight loss is going well. no radical results im -22kgs. Ah BMW, why did you lose the far more direct throttle I enjoy on my E46?. justified by the weight they add to already ponderously overweight cars. FJ20ET. September 6th, 2010 at 139 am. Cram it with The cupholder talk.

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I am thinking about putting a light weight flywheel on and chaning to an. my DR30 Skyline, fitted with a fresh (stock) 145kW FJ20ET will turn. added greatly to accessory loss on the average regular production engines. I havent been able to compare the weight of the two pulleys yet. FJ20ET DR30 Skyline RS-X Turbo. With a forced induction engine this allows you to reap the benefits of lower frictional losses and also a longer engine life. The all-new 16-valve DOHC FJ20 engine debuted in late 1981, and was the. luxury extras included (quoted curb weight was only 1,130 kg (2,500 lb)). (Electronically Concentrated Control System) engine management,

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Aug. 2010. reducing the power loss caused by high coolant temperature during hard. Equipped with a lightweight flywheel manufactured from special chromoly, the ideal weight has been. Nismo Kupplung fr S12 mit FJ20ET D.S12 Silvia Japan 19841987 CA18, CA18ET, FJ20, FJ20ET Based on S130. It is a slightly larger load carrying alternative to the Nissan March hatchback. products and imposes a risk of losing the tangible uniqueness of the product.I think weve had about 3 what oil for FJ20?. The short of it is, the tests are done with all the oil you want, under high load - the sort of loads.Joined08-June 03 LocationAustralia VIC CarFJ20ET Datsun 510. Posted 21. We cant afford to lose the R31, its such a great daily driver. By the way. I can already feel the weight difference under acceleration. The car.FJ20ET, long motor built by Randy at Nissco. The WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOSIS SEMINAR. Diets are useful for temporary weight loss and nothing more.Weight An FJ20E adds approximately 60 pounds. An FJ20ET adds. Assuming 17 drivetrain loss, 155 whp gives approximately a 14.4 lbhp.


The additional equipment also meant a slightly higher kurb weight of 1,235kg. it was also a full out racing car with the FJ20ET being turned up to 350HP. the DR30 finish second again this time losing out to BMW even though the DR30. Name BL-2015 Item Width 6 cm Item Weight 1 kg Car Model Skyline GT-R. Kinugawa Turbo Oil Water Line Kit for Nissan Skyline R30 DR30 FJ20ET. Despite Nissans loss that day, the Hakosuka GT-R went on to claim its fiftieth. Each release - the FJ20ET-powered 2000RS Turbo RS, the intercooled. Although the road-going R31 suffered under the weight of its trick.

Weight Loss - The R16 rod is not as beefy as the U20 rod, although it is longer, and is probably significantly lighter. Taking weight off a reciprocating or rotating assembly does not. 69 SRL311 FJ20ET Yellow SDS EFI. Page 1 of 3 - Howdys 74 2 seater 260Z FJ20 DET - posted in Members Project(s). at the next meeting at Winton thinking the 17kg weight savings would counteract the lack. Loss of 30 Kg excess bog and paint - 1 second. Page 2 of 9 - Anths 69 510 FJ20ET from AUS - posted in Project. Since the original wooden piece was already losing its structural. If I had to do it again, Id put some phone books or something else with a bit of weight on.